I know my rights you should too!

Article 42 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states Parties undertake to make the principles and provisions of the Convention widely known, by appropriate and active means, to adults and children alike. In other words, all children; regardless of race religion and ability, even young persons and adults should know about the Convention.


I believe that deep thought should be given about the many ways we can ensure everyone knows about the Children’s Rights Convention. Regardless of their age, each child should be taught about their rights.


We are the next leaders and being educated about our rights is both inspiring and empowering, not just for us at present. I believe if my generation learns and demonstrates our rights, we can implement a better future for the upcoming generations.


There should be training on how to do this, especially for those who work with children and young people. Although I am a student, I believe the rights of a child should be incorporated in every school’s curriculum from preschool to university level education. Children will be exposed to this and will spread their knowledge on popular social media apps causing a child rights epidemic. This will become a part of each child’s DNA.


Due to the world’s unpredictable danger, I want every child to be protected against any practice that harms their holistic health. I am calling for more empowerment from the governments and stakeholders who should take the initiative to fund schools with the tools and grant them access so they can continue to teach children the law, therefore they will be able to know their rights.


Every child in my country, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, deserve to know their rights to help make this beautiful country better, one step at a time. I am dedicated to doing my part; you should be too!

Done by Joaquín Villafana

CORIA from Trinidad and Tobago