Call to Generation CORIA 2018

Call to Generation CORIA 2018


Trough it leasons on participation in each member state, the IIN is inviting participation of those children and adolescents interested in joining Generation CORIA 2018.


This project proposes that 2 members of the participation groups (a girl / adolescent and a boy/ adolescent) who could act as correspondents from the network for a period of one year; after the distance training workshop has been approved and accompanied by a referring adult.


The objective of this project is to achieve greater and more effective dissemination of information on action by children and adolescents in the region to promote and protect their rights, as they exercise the right of freedom of expression, of association and of access to information, and communicate with others on the promotion and protection of their rights and other issues affecting them.


The Institute will hold a technical training session on news production with a rights based focus, through a distance training workshop. It will also sign an agreement with each correspondent awarding a credential accrediting him or her as a CORIA. After one year of performing these functions, each correspondent will receive a certificate attesting to the work performed.


You learn to participate by participating!



Application for applicants: Until April 23.

Development of the Workshop at a distance: May 7 to June 11.

Delivery of Credentials: During the month of June.

Start of the exercise: June 25.