Why is education important?

Why is education important?


I took a different approach to my piece this time around. I produced an audio interview. The interview focused on the positive realities of education, for which I hope to continue to promote. I interviewed a sister and brother; the girl Kai Joseph attends an all-female school and the boy Keedan; Joseph attends an all-male school.


I chose the topic education because of its importance to a child’s future. Personally, I believe education opens doors to new opportunities. One of my reasons I chose the topic of education was to bring a greater awareness to the importance of education to children as school re-opens in a few weeks in my country.


This is to encourage all children regardless of their backgrounds, as Article 29 of the CRC states ‘’Education develops your talent and abilities. It also helps you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people’’.


Written by: Joaquin Villafana

CORIA Trinidad and Tobago.