The internet and our safety

The Internet can be wonderful for our children. We can use it to research school projects, communicate with our teachers, and our classmates, friends and our children. Not forgetting to mention entertainment and to also play interactive games.

However, online internet access also comes with dangers. Some of these include; inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators and much more. The use of apps and websites in which we as children use to interact with each other can be dangerous sometimes. We must also be aware that these may be constantly monitored by predators; who may pose as a child or teen looking to make a new friend. They usually encourage the child to exchange personal information, such as an address and phone number. Even worse, they sometimes encourage children to call or even meet up with them without the parents’ knowledge. If you or anyone you may know has been contacted in a situation like this alert your parent or the police immediately. Due to the current virus pandemic (Covid-19) pandemic that the world is now dealing with, many of us students have been instructed to stay at home to preserve our health and safety. To avoid the negative effects of not being able to attend school, many of us are now engaging in online learning and cyber classrooms. The Ministry of Education of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has provided several age groups with a link to an online site for studying. This is just one of how the government has used the positives of the internet for the betterment of this generation. 

Our cyber protection is even more now important than ever. Therefore, I was pleased to hear that the Republic of Ecuador signed an agreement (Network of Multiplier Agents in Safe Use of the Internet) (RIAMUSY) to make a road map for a safer internet for children in the Republic of Ecuador. In Trinidad and Tobago, our Children’s Authority which is the sector which helps and deals with children and their security has elected a new Chief executive officer Ms. Chola Harvey-Mitchell. Now I am going to encourage my friends and do our part for our safety in the online environment similar to measures taken as concerning children’s’ online use in the Republic of Ecuador.

We as children need our parents to help to stay safe online. We should let our Parents be aware of what we see and hear on the internet, who we meet, and what we share about ourselves.


Done by: Joaquin Villafana

CORIA from Trinidad and Tobago