Sexual Exploitation of Children

Sexual Exploitation of Children


Many innocent children around the world are lured into performing sexual activities in exchange for money, food, shelter and drugs. Sadly, most children do not realize when they are falling in the traps of child predators which then lead to the innocent children being exploited sexually.


As technology gets greater and social media expands its very easy for children to get tricked by sexual predators. Social media is the hot spot for many sexual predators today. As teens post certain pictures of themselves on their various social Medias the pictures can catch the eye of a predator who will try to get in touch with a teen and try to bribe them with things that teens find appealing today.


Other than social media, the internet in general is filled with sexual predators. There are many websites on the internet today where many children are trafficked. Many images and videos of children who are abused in the crime circulate the internet and never really go away. Unfortunately the advancement of technology has led to the live streaming of sexual abuse of children which is all done for profit.   The advancement of technology has really given the sexual predators another opportunity to advance the sexual exploitation of children.


Though the internet can be a hot spot for predators, with the usage of the internet many websites and governments are working towards stopping the sexual exploitation of children. The Sexual exploitation of children is a violation of the rights of the child. Many countries and internet agencies are working together to stop the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children. Canada for example, is very well committed to protecting children from sexual exploitation. The country is funding money to the Canadian Centre for child protection (C3P) to help combat sexual exploitation of innocent children on the internet. The funding will allow C3P to help remove videos and images of sexual abuse of children faster than the current speed, and it will also allow them to improve support for survivors.


Thought the world is advancing rapidly, there is still a lot we as society need to do in order to protect the rights of children. The rights of the child are being violated every day and the crime against innocent children is also, increasing tremendously whether it is a child in a developing or developed nation. As technology expands our access to information also, becomes easier. We need to take in mind this information and use it to make this world a better place. All in all, in order for us to make the world a better place we need to wake up and step up against the injustice in the world and protect the rights of the children.

  Written by: Akanksha Sharma CORIA Canada