Positives of Trinidad and Tobago Sports

Positives of Trinidad and Tobago Sports


My country of Trinidad and Tobago has always boasted of enormous talent when it pertains to sports. Therefore, we should take a special look at how important sport is to the youths of Trinidad and Tobago.


My country has produced fantastic athletes such as: These athletes include such names as:

  • Brian Lara (cricket)
  • Hasely Crawford (track and field)
  • George Bovell (swimming)
  • Dwight Yorke (football)
  1. Education:

            Sports gives our youth a chance to get a greater chance of education. Sports provides an opportunity for the nation’s youth to acquire a sound education. If a child talent and skills is recognized from a scout, they may have the chance to go to college in North America or even “turn pro” become a professional in their favorite sport.

  1. Camaraderie:

Building friendships with teammates in youth sport is something very special indeed. For example, a football team is like a small army, in which everyone works together towards one common goal. It brings those kids closer together. Friendships that are forged on the field of play can be strong and last a lifetime. The camaraderie acquired through sport is invaluable to building relationships later in life.

  1. Discipline

Youth sport lays the foundation of a strong work ethic for children that will help them win and handle losses throughout their lives. Youth sport can give a child the game skills to win sport games and those skills are easily translated into life skills down the road. The struggles, challenges, victories and defeats are all characteristics of sport and life. Learning these lessons on the field of a youth football league is great for building resilient and well-rounded individuals.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) states “sport may be a child’s chosen future career as talented athletes, coaches, or officials. All children have the right to participate in sport in a safe and enjoyable environment. At the most fundamental level, play is a child’s right”, as noted in Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


I encourage children from each country to indulge in sports no matter what ethnicity, great or small sports brings us together.


By: Joaquin Villafana.

CORIA Trinidad and Tobago.