LGBTQ+ Rights in Trinidad & Tobago

LGBTQ+ Rights in Trinidad & Tobago


Very recently, the topic of LGBTQ+ rights has come to light as a law deemed “unconstitutional” preventing the equal treatment of those who are lgbtq+ in Trinidad and Tobago has been repealed. Many Trinbagonians are quite religious, saying that homosexuality goes “against god” or is an abomination while others are for it stating that “love wins”.


Yes, as humans we are all entitled to our beliefs but the discrimination isn’t called for. Even though they may be different from us at the end of the day we must show respect for each other. In our national anthem it states, “Every creed and race will find an equal place”. Why do they treat the lgbtq+ community as if they are less than everyone else if this is what (referring to the line above) we sing proudly in our national anthem?


In the end love did indeed win but hopefully the mindset of the people do change over time to accept one another’s differences.


Written by: Asia Dial

CORIA Trinidad and Tobago