Issues Facing the Rights of Children in T&T

Issues Facing the Rights of Children in T&T


In Article 29 under The Convention of the Rights of a Child it states that a child is entitled to the right of “Goals of Education”. In this article it also goes on to say that a child’s education should “develop each child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest”.


In my country of Trinidad and Tobago, education is seen one of the most important tools needed to be successful later on in life. But attaining a good education is not easy. The education system of my country is basically a series of exams over a 12-14 year period (primary school to form 5 or 6). It makes you truly think if our system was designed for the youth to fail.


In both primary and secondary school students are prepared for the exams in the their last year. Are students actually learning or are we just ‘learning’ to pass an exam?.

Also how is a child supposed to properly develop their “talents”, “personality” and “abilities” when their life is crowded with a constant backload of school work?


The sad fact is that it only gets more difficult as you go into higher forms. For most secondary school students, the issue of constant revision, homework, projects, assignments, tests and experiments creates stress.


How are we supposed to properly develop our abilities when we barely have enough time to complete our school work?


The education system in our country does not properly develop a child. I think more focus should be applied to the ability and talent of a child than their academics. Do not get me wrong, your academics should not be tossed to the side but there should be a balance of school work and extracurriculars.


Written by: Asia Dial

CORIA Trinidad & Tobago