Human Rights 


What it’s about:

My video is about expressing that people (particularly youth) don’t understand the true nature of the problems affecting many people in the world.  I have done this by expressing exactly how first world citizens have their rights guaranteed as opposed to those less fortunate. As they have never been impacted by human rights violations themselves, people in first world countries can’t truly understand the problem and many of the affects that stop many youths from reaching their full potential in areas that are of the utmost importance. They understand the challenge from reading the press etc., but the challenges are still for the most part unimaginable to them. This video provides a base for people to learn more about the subject.


By providing the perspective of a first world youth I can help to identify the ways that people in the first world are lucky and how they see the problem, and perhaps don’t always react in a way that is expected. I would like people who watch my video to identify much more with what I say and have a much greater chance of researching human rights issues, and the topic in general.  My ultimate goal is increased engagement.


Written by: Joshua Himmens

CORIA Canada