CHILD AND YOUTH CORRESPONDENTS “Promoting and Protecting Rights”


Children and adolescents have demonstrated their ability to communicate and engage in public discussion about their rights, aspirations and concerns, through traditional and alternative media. With the purpose of promoting widespread and improved dissemination of what children and adolescents are doing in the region to promote and protect their rights, the IIN and the region’s Consultative Councils have created a network of CHILD AND YOUTH CORRESPONDENTS (CORIA), so that they can exercise their right to freedom of expression, association and access to information, in order to inform and communicate about the promotion and protection of their rights and issues that affect them.

WHO ARE THE CHILD AND YOUTH CORRESPONDENTS? Children and adolescents who are members of Consultative Councils and Organized Groups.

GENERATION: CORIA 2021-2022 CORIA 2020-2021 CORIA 2019 CORIA 2018 CORIA 2017