CORIA Network presents the proclamation: “Not Favours, but Rights


The Network of Child and Adolescents Correspondents (CORIA Network), presents its first proclamation: “Not Favours, but Rights”, in commemoration of the Americas Children and Youth Day” that is celebrated every June 9.


This document aims to raise awareness and diseminate among the adult world and institutions about the importance of listening, respecting and taking into account the voices of children.


The Proclamation will be presented by children in the activities commemorating the Americas Children and Youth Day” in several States of the region.


The IIN congratulates CORIA, highlighting the phrase reaffirmed by children in the region: “Nothing about us, without us”, “Nothing is ours without us”.


Proclamation «No Favours, But Rigths»

Proclama «No son Favores, Son Derechos»

Proclamação “Não são favores, mas Direitos”

Proclamation «Ce ne sont pas