Children and adolescents rights in Canada

Children and adolescents rigths in Canada


Canada is a strong believer of equal rights for children and adolescents, no matter what gender, shape, race, and form they are. It is also a member of the UNCRC. The country has children help lines for any children who are going through problems in their life and need someone to talk to about them. The schools in Canada are also made up of a healthy and helpful environment so that children (all ages) can be understood and the staff members always cooperate with the children. The laws in Canada are also very powerful in punishing the ones who do not give the children the rights they deserve.


The government is always looking for new ways to be part of the community and communicate more with children and adolescents. But not everything is as happy as it seems about the amazing children rights in Canada. In Fact this is a huge issue for the native children. Canada follows the children rights, by giving good education, good health care the freedom of choice, etc. to the children. But this is not the same for the aboriginal children; it’s the total opposite for them.


There is a lot of un justice that is being done to the aboriginal children and adolescents. Since the aboriginals do not follow the same rules as the rest of the Canadian population most of the laws do not apply to them. There is no proper health care given to the children or education. Most aboriginals grow up to not having a proper job because they did not receive proper education.


More than 100 teenage females went missing  and there is no proof of where they went or what happened to them. The suicide rate for teens in the native community is extremely high. There is lack of security amongst the community. All of this is usually ignored by the main stream media. About that situation, the police is investigating the cases of the missing teens.


The Government is working on giving the same rights to the aboriginal children, but so much can be fixed in a matter of time. Hopefully there is more awareness raised upon this topic, so that the aboriginal community of Canada can get the rights they deserve.


Canada is a diverse and welcoming country and the government is trying its best to give equal rights to all children. The equal rights for the aboriginal children are still in question. Hopefully these changes can give all children in Canada equal rights.

  By Akanksha Sharma Canada, October 2017 Member of network Child and Adolescent Correspondents in Consultive Councils-IIN

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