Ambassador at work


My video is entitled Ambassador at work. It is about the work of an ambassador in the field as a journalist, investigator and activist. I wanted to make children and adolecents aware of their rights and also create a chain reaction of child rights activists in the process. I interviewed a total number of four persons but due to the time constraint of the assignment of two minutes, I was only able to show edited versions of three of those interviewed.


One of my goals was to make the children and adolescent who I interviewed conscious of their rights, these included Iscah Khan who is a form one student, while Miquel Samuel is a form three student. They are both from different schools and had interesting thoughts on child rights.  Also, I tried to inspire to my peers and those who will view the video that a child has power to make a difference by me interviewing Ms. Michelle McKenna. My main reason for picking a video instead of an article is because a video is more interactive and user friendly and can be shared through multiple platforms especially through social media platforms which is very familiar to my peers. Therefore my choice of medium has the potential to become viral and spark important conversations.




Written by:

Joaquin Villafana

CORIA Trinidad and Tobago