Adolescents from Argentina and Canada will participate in the Day of General Debate of the Committee on the Rights of the Child 2018


The members of the Network of Correspondents for Children and Adolescents (CORIA) of the IIN-OAS have been selected to participate in the advisory team for children and adolescents on the Day of General Debate of the Committee on the Rights of the Child 2018.


«There were 41 requests from children and adolescents around the world, and Child Rights Connect carried out a process to ensure fair and equitable selection,» said Emma Grindulis, CRC Program Officer.


In total, 20 girls, boys and adolescents were selected, including 2 members of CORIA: Akanksha Sharma and Axel Kurt Ottosen, representatives of Canada and Argentina respectively, accompanied by the NNA of: Uganda, Benin, Scotland, Senegal, Mexico, Zambia, Central African Republic, Norway, Kenya, Greece, Moldova, El Salvador, United States, Pakistan, Jordan, Ecuador and India.


This year the theme chosen by the Committee is: «Protecting and empowering children and adolescents, human rights defenders», and aims to make their voices central in all aspects of the preparations, throughout the Day and what happens next.


Axel Kurt Ottosen (Argentina) and Akansha Sharma (Canada)

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