Let’s play together!

Let’s play together!


My video ‘Let’s play together’, I submitted explained why the right to play is so important for a child’s well being. Article 31 of the CRC states “parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.”


Each child in the video had a chance to explain from their own perspective why a child’s right to play is needed and its important role in everyday life for children. Also the two adults featured in the video explained how communication and safety in playing is important. It is my personal belief that every child deserves the right to play and enjoy themselves safely.


I am an aspiring professional footballer, and I am experiencing the importance of sports in my life through my demanding but enjoyable football schedule. The right to play is important to me because it helped me to increase in confidence through developing new skills for football. This promoted my imagination, independence and creativity. Furthermore I am experiencing the opportunities play offers for children of all abilities and backgrounds to play together.


This provides opportunities for developing social skills for my friends and I This video was necessary for me to make because I want to be the voice of the children; to empower and show them that playing is a great way to release their stress instead of dealing with it in harmful ways. Every child deserves a happy childhood which is stress free.


Interview available here


Participants in video:

  • Adults: Micheal Villafana, Joseph Alexander.
  • Children: Joaquin Villafana, Jeremiah Villafana, Shyan Samuel, Miquel Samuel, Josiah Miguel, Shaundel Charles.

By: Joaquin Villafana

CORIA Trinidad and Tobago